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About us

Who we are?

We are a leading company in the market and an integral provider of solutions for the plastic and textile industry. We offer everything you need for your industrial projects with an exclusive service, backed by more than 16 years of experience on a Central American level. We are your best advisor with the support of highly trained personnel both technically and commercially. We cover the most demanding needs of our customers and suppliers with raw materials and high-quality machinery.

Our Mission

Represent top-level international companies to provide our clients with leading technology in industrial equipment and high-quality raw materials. With our expertise backed by more than 16 years, a high degree of responsibility, ethics and professionalism; we want to become a fully integrated provider that adapts to any particular needs.

Our Vision

To become the most important reference in the field of services for the industry of all kind. We want to be the strategic ally of our national and international clients, adding value to their operations. We are committed to guarantee a service of high-quality standards, covering the most demanding needs of our clients and suppliers for their respective markets.

Our Values


The customer above our own interest.

Customer orientation

Minimizing any deficiency in all our services and products with maximum punctuality in deliveries.

Trust and Integrity

We foster lasting and long-term relationships. We have built a strong relationship with our clients that have trusted our services for over 15 years.

Cost saving

Cost reduction based on technical and commercial analysis.

Agility and flexibility

Due to our efficient and tight structure, with great decision-making capacity.


We are dedicated exclusively to the latest in leading industrial equipment technology and high-quality raw materials, providing us with superior technical knowledge.

Concerned about the Environment

Committed to preserving the environment by promoting recycling and integrating all our works to minimize possible impacts.


With a stable and cohesive team as a success factor for our development.